Robo Monthly Charge- Free & 

Rs 400 Only for Data

Note: Keep the following documents soft copy



3. 6 Months Bank statement

4. Cancelled Cheque Leaf

What is Aliceji?

Aliceji / Autotrading for NSE and MCX / Algo Trader / API Trading Aliceji - Software developed for Auto Trading Indian markets NSE and MCX. Developed by our team Babaji Robo Trader . Algo Software developed with the modern technology to assist our Indian Customers for order placing and automate their strategy we are building Quant models also for our Retail customers. Aliceji build on Aliceblue API. 

Offer 20 Mar to 20 May

For VPS  Rs 1500 Only

Robo and Trading System Free

Step 1

Select Tamil Nadu, Madurai Only for faster account process

Offer will be continued, if the account is actively traded and generate a minimum brokerage of 

Rs2000 Monthly. Else Rs2000 Monthly will be Charged for Robo and data

Same day account opening :

send the documents in whatsapp and call the Relationship Officer number from the mail to speed up the proccess  

Step 2: Check the Mail with the Web link for account Opening.

Step !: Fill the Form and Get the Account opening details  mail

​Select Web KYC , If it ask for certificate, Press Cancel , then proceed

# 1 AutoTrading Robo for MCX and NSE


Sale & Support : +91  9894088515